The FDIC and NCUA have made it very clear that they are not worried about you spending money to locate your bank's missing customers or your credit union's missing members.

The FDIC and NCUA are almost exclusively focusing on the reduction of your delinquency by the curing or collection of the bad debts and through the recovery of your collateral which are haunting your books.

Welcome to SPJ Skiptracing, Inc.

Why pay a collection agency up to 50% of a debt owed to you when your collection staff is fully capable of collecting a bill, assigning accounts for repossession or sending an account to an attorney for litigation?

Your problem is "Where is the debtor?" Your solution is SPJ Skiptracing.

SPJ Skiptracing, Inc. utilizes specialized strategies developed in our 28 years of experience along with the use of proprietary databases used by police departments throughout the United States. This has allowed us an 80% success rate in locating missing debtors and members in every corner of our country and around the world. We guarantee the accuracy of our locate information by verifying it through at least two separate live sources. All of our investigations are completed within 30 days.

We abide by all federal and state laws and perform our task in accordance with the letter and the spirit of the law governing skiptracing companies.

Our goal is to provide you, at the earliest possible time, one of the following three items,

1) Your skip's current residence address
2) Or your skip's place of employment (POE) name, address and telephone number
3) Or The location of your missing vehicle or collateral

We specifically do not seek only to find the vehicle as it usually tips the debtor off that they are being skiptraced which often leads to your debtor trying to hide your collateral or move once again to a new location. In 95% of our cases, we work with complete anonymity. No one knows we are looking for them or who we work for.

No one knows who we are, that we are looking for them, or who we work for.

PHONE: 888-462-0202
FAX: 877-462-0202
80% locate rate on all accounts placed
All accounts completed within 4 weeks
As always No Find–No Fee